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A Wholistic approach to families in greatest need:

physical, emotional, educational and spiritual.


Where we are in the U.S. and what we do:

New York, NY


This office coordinates the ongoing spiritual development of our extended family based upon the spirituality of the Little Sisters of the Assumption. If you are interested in belonging to a study group to deepen these themes, please contact Maryalice Spencer at coordinator@lsafim.org.

The six core themes of our spirituality are:


Persons who themselves have experienced poverty or who live in a simple way commit themselves among impoverished people. Persons are organised to develop projects that improve their living conditions. Some groups seek how to help those who have less.



Persons are committed in a personal transformation and in a transformation of society because they believe that another world is possible.

R.L.10:In this world where so many are searching, but where values and anxieties, good and evil, are intermingled, we contemplate the work of God. We listen to His Word and allow the Spirit of Jesus to modify and convert our outlook.


As at the beginning of the Congregation people, whatever their social status, positioned themselves in solidarity with, and among, those who are impoverished.

R.L.20:As we share in the aspirations, the values, the joys and sufferings of the poor, we learn with them to let ourselves be converted to the Gospel.  We discover the Spirit of the Lord at work in an act of love, in forgiveness, and in service to others at the cost of one's tranquillity and sometimes of one's life.


Within this family people take care of one another; they are concerned to change their personal life and to help others improve theirs.

R.L.19:We search with others for ways to create an environment where each one is called by name, invited to be creative and gradually to take part in building up the world.


There is a spirit of perseverance, of hope and of zeal–despite the poverty and weakness there is a belief in the capacity to rise.

R.L.9: In the midst of these situations we are acutely aware of the evils afflicting exploited workers and the poor, and are particularly attentive to them and their families.  We work among them to promote the health and dignity of persons, especially by the care of the sick, social and family work, and other tasks according to the spirit of the Congregation.


People seek to live in the unity of Life-Faith. Their choices are marked by their desire to live according to what they desire for others. Sharing and going more deeply into the Word of God gives light and support for this journey.

R.L.9: Together we are sent to those who have neither voice nor influence in this world, so that our actions may 'speak Jesus Christ', Good News announced to the poor.



PERNET Family Health Service ~Worcester, MA

For more than 50 years, Little Sisters have provided health and social services in Worcester. Currently, Pernet serves more than 240 pregnant and parenting women, many of them teenagers. The certified home health care agency reaches out to the needs of the community with a staff of nurses, physical therapists and social workers. Professionals educate families in childcare and home management skills and bring people together in the Family Life Program. While living in scenic New England, volunteers can choose from a variety of opportunities tailored to their gifts and talents.

Dorchester / Roxbury, MA

With a rich history in a now economically poor neighborhood, Little Sisters have been part of this community since 1947. Project Hope was founded in 1981 when the Little Sisters of the Assumption opened the doors of their Magnolia Street convent so homeless women and children could live with them. Over the years, Project Hope’s mission expanded beyond sheltering families and providing childcare to a multi-service agency at the forefront of efforts in Boston to move families up and out of poverty. This is our journey through Project Hope’s history.


East Harlem, New York

Founded in 1958, the home health and social service agency works with the people of East Harlem to address the physical, social, educational and spiritual dimensions of family life. The success of LSA’s approach is rooted in our unchanging commitment to: Working with the poorest families who have the least access to the basic necessities of life; Offering our services both in homes and in our center – no other East Harlem agency provides in-home services as consistently as LSA; Never turning away a family or individual because of an inability to pay; Proving great depth and variety of professional skills; Working flexibly with families for as long as necessary; Intensive, persistent outreach into the community; Strengthening our programs and expertise by networking with other local and national service providers. A wide range of opportunities awaits the volunteer ready to live in one of the Big Apple's last true neighborhoods.

Newburgh, New York

The Newburgh Ministry is a culturally diverse, grass roots community based organization, located in the City of Newburgh’s East End. The Ministry offers dignity and hope to those who enter its doors seeking shelter, resources, solace and fellowship. In an atmosphere of care, hospitality and non-violence, the Ministry strives to improve living conditions, transform lives and honor the face of God in all. Originally initiated as a shared project by the Little Sisters, Dominicans of the Sick Poor & Newburgh Dominicans (now Dominican Sisters of Hope) and the Franciscans of Peace, the Newburgh Ministry is now incorporated on its own.

Little Sisters Senior Ministry

Senior Ministry focuses on our older sisters who are in Assisted Living and Nursing Care Facilities. At present all 8 of our Sisters in long-term care are with the Sisters of St. Anne in Marlborough, MA - their center is called Marie Esther Health Center. The care they receive is extraordinary! Our goal is to provide support in a variety of ways: communal celebrations, reflections, outings, gatherings, friendly visits, etc. so that the Sisters continue to feel an active part of the province.

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