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"To unite hearts in a spirit of family." Father Pernet

Mission and Values

A non-profit organization, Little Sisters of the Assumption includes vowed members, lay professionals, and volunteers working together for the health and dignity of all people through home health agencies, family services and gatherings.

We bring together the least advantaged and the privileged in a spirit of family

to inspire everyone to participate in creating a just society.

Little Sisters of the Assumption began as a community of Catholic women religious. Responding to social needs in the wake of the Industrial Revolution, Antoinette Fage and Father Etienne Pernet founded the congregation in Paris, France, in 1865. In 1891, Little Sisters of the Assumption followed the call from the United States to improve the lives of the poor and hurt with their social and spiritual services. Today, we extend our services from New York City's distressed neighborhoods to Massachusetts. In previous years we served in Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, North Carolina, Kentucky and Florida. Nationally respected in the field of community development, Little Sisters collaborate with public, governmental and other non-profit organizations to improve the physical, social and spiritual health of needy children and impoverished families.

Our founder's mission, "to unite hearts in a spirit of family", remains unchanged over the years. As Little Sisters of the Assumption, we base our values on the Gospel and see Mary, the mother of Jesus, as a role model for our mission. Just as God raised Mary to a new life, we work to renew the whole person by developing communities that lift each other up -- physically, socially and spiritually. This mission resonates with documents such as the United Nations Charter on Human Rights. Viewing society as one large family, Little Sisters promote social justice and human rights for all people, gradually improving society -- one person, one family, one community at a time.

Little Sisters of the Assumption believe in the dignity and integrity of all people,
regardless of Race, Creed, National Origin, Age, Color, Gender, Sexual Orientation,
Disability or Marital Status.

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