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"I found among Little Sisters, more than anywhere else, a profound search for God, and a commitment to create a more just and loving environment for families struggling against the odds of poverty."
--Sister Margaret Leonard, LSA
A Unique Dedication to the Human Family

A vocation is an invitation. Some women feel the Spirit speaking to them, asking them to consider an invitation to serve God by dedicating their lives to serving the human family. All Christians are called to create a just society. As vowed Little Sisters, though, religious women have the opportunity to maximize their potential for doing just that, healing the ills of society at its roots. Strengthened by living in a faith-based community, Little Sisters become active members of the distressed neighborhoods they live in, while being part of a global network of women seeking God in the people they work with. Little Sisters receive the education and training necessary to respond whenever and wherever they feel called. With a presence in 26 countries and a wide range of professional opportunities, a Little Sister has a chance to follow her calling worldwide.

Life as a vowed member of Little Sisters is personally fulfilling, spiritually enriching and socially meaningful. A vowed Little Sister of the Assumption knows that Mary is her companion, and like Mary, believes in the capacity of all to rise----- here and in the world to come. Sometimes, the decision to enter religious life comes after traditional lifestyles have been explored. At other times, women hear the call early in life and seek a community that fits them best. Often participating in a Volunteer Program helps a woman find her spiritual match.

God is discovered and proclaimed in the concrete works of justice and peace. This belief is the heart of a Little Sister 's life and mission. It is a mission shared by people of diverse races, cultures, faith traditions, classes, people whom Little Sisters unite in one human family. Contact us today to learn more about our mission and your invitation to participate. More...

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