CD Available with a $15 donation to the Little Sisters of the Assumption.

Help a wonderful cause and receive a beautiful CD.

Dear Friend,
Thank you for requesting our CD, FOR GENERATIONS. We’d like to tell you something about our family and the Little Sisters, and to encourage you to ask others to participate in this Project. We write in the name of our family, on behalf of families all over the world.

As far as memory stretches, our family has been bound together by the joy of music, the power of love and the light of faith. Making music has been a constant thread in our history and still brings us together today.

Growing up in a family of ten children meant that we had instant numbers for a rousing sing-along, an impromptu concert or a Christmas choir. Our mother and father were always there to encourage our enthusiasm for entertaining ourselves. They nurtured our love for music just as they nurtured each of our spirits. As the years went by some of us taught ourselves and each other how to play musical instruments.

We sing at each other’s wedding and special events. We sing to comfort and to console, to celebrate and to entertain our friends. Music is in our blood and it still calls us to gather today. Our children and grandchildren share our passion for family and music and continue to join us to share their talents.

Our sister Annette, a Little Sister of the Assumption who works with the families of East Harlem, has inspired us to expand our vision and concept of family. The Little Sisters became our family and so in turn, the families they serve became part of the circle. We learned that family is not just the people bound to us by blood, but all those who need our love. Our family circle has to reach out to our brothers and sisters everywhere.

We originally created “FOR GENERATIONS - A Family Legacy” as a memento for our children, a way to capture some of the love and music that has pervaded our family history. However, in keeping with our belief that our family encompasses all families, we realize that we could use the CD as a way to help the Little Sisters continue their work.

Across years, nations and cultures, the Little Sisters of the Assumption have been a presence to families everywhere. Wherever they are in the world, their work is with families, with their brokenness, their pain, their joy and their love. As many government subsidized programs are eliminated, more and more families find themselves in need of our support. At the moment the Sister’s financial needs are greater than ever. They need help to continue their work with the families they serve.

Our family has committed itself to helping the Sisters continue their efforts to make a difference.

FOR GENERATIONS is our unique thank you gift for your tax deductible donation of $15.00 or more.

If you are not ordering form our website,
please make checks payable to: Little Sisters of the Assumption and mail to the address below.

Every dollar of your donation will go directly towards supporting the Sister’s mission work. Your contribution will touch the lives of families everywhere. We thank you for supporting our commitment to all families.

Peace and God Bless,
The Allain Family

Little Sisters of the Assumption, CD Project Coordinator, 475 East 115th Street, 1st Fl, New York, NY 10029
Phone: 212-289-4014 Email: Website:

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